Norwegian turists - Photo:Tore Nedrebø
Photo: Tore Nedrebø

Visit Norway

Experience the natural wonders of Norway – sublime and serene. Enjoy the fjords, breathe the fresh mountain air, and marvel at the northern lights.

The UNESCO World Heritage listed fjords are symbols of the beauty of traditional Norway. The wild landscapes of the fjord areas are easily accessible to explore on your own or with guides.

In the capital Oslo, urban life and catching architecture goes hand in hand with nature experiences. Don't forget our other urban cities: Bergen – with the famous Hanseatic wharf Bryggen, as well as Trondheim, Stavanger, Tromsø and Kristiansand.

A culinary revolution has quietly taken place in recent years in Norway and a new-found pride in Norwegian food traditions and ingredients has been born. Local and organic food is served in restaurants and food festivals.

During summer days are long and nights are light all over the country, and above the arctic circle the midnight sun never sets. In the winter months you can encounter the northern lights, or enjoy nature like the Norwegians do: go skiing.

The international travelers main reasons to go to Norway are

  • Enjoy the Norwegian nature
  • Eat and drink local food
  • Explore the mountains
  • Experience the fjords

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Information regarding travel documents, visas and residence permits for Greek nationals who travel to Norway

Greek nationals who hold a Greek identity card, do not need to bring their passport when they travel to Norway. The ID card is a valid travel document in Europe.  However, please be aware that ID cards without expiry date need to be renewed every 15 years.

Nationals of Greece do not need a visitor's visa when they travel to Norway. Likewise, they do not need a residence permit, but must register with the police within three months.