Learning Norwegian in Greece

There are several educational institutions and private teachers in Greece offering Norwegian lessons.

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
7, Hippokratous street, Athens. Tel: 210 3688269, secr@didaskaleio.uoa.gr

Globalcitizen Educational Organization
Kifissias Ave. 232, Kifissia, Tel: 210 8019 427, info@globalcitizen.gr

Tsimiski 80, 2nd floor, Thessaloniki, info@speak.edu.gr

Viking Språkskole Thessaloniki
Egnatias 55, Thessaloniki, info@norvigika.gr

Exelixis Institute
455 Mesogeion Avenue & 2 Patroklou Street, Agia Paraskevi, Athens


Private lessons, Athens:

Johannessen, Ine. Tel: 697 5914 543, johannessenine@gmail.com 
Simic, Luka. Skype: lukasymitz111, lucasymitz@gmail.com
Vardaka, Konstantina. Tel: 690 8554 440, convarda@gmail.com
Xydis, Nikolas. Tel: 698 0123 364, nikos78xydis@gmail.com

Private lessons, Thessaloniki:

Gaustad, Wenche Anne
.  Tel: 698 5627 116, wenche_gaustad@yahoo.no
Gaustad Themeli, Danai Christina. Tel: 698 8132887, danai.c.themeli@gmail.com 
Gaustad Themeli, Linn. Tel: +47 47746550, linnhellas@gmail.com


Please note that information is supplied by the private tutors themselves and the inclusion of a name on the list does not constitute any guarantee on the part of the Embassy of the quality of their work.