Norwegian Group Madrugada on a rooftop in Athens - Photo:Photo: Embassy
Photo: Embassy

Support to Cultural Cooperation and Events

Cultural cooperation between Norway and Greece contributes in its diversity to underpin the good relations between our two countries. A great number of Norwegian cultural actors has been welcomed in Greece over the years.

The Embassy administers a limited fund to support and facilitate initiatives and events that further strengthen the bilateral cultural cooperation and exchange between our countries. These grants are distributed based on a formal application process. Cyprus is also covered by the fund. 

Rules and regulations

Applications for support to projects/activities need to fall under one of the following objectives:

  • Increase market opportunities for Norwegian cultural actors/products with an emphasis on literature, music or films
  • Fostering sustainable bilateral cooperation – primarily on institutional level
  • Expert travel or press trips to Norway

Potential beneficiaries

  • Norwegian or Greek/Cypriot art and cultural institutions
  • Norwegian or Greek/Cypriot professional experts and media actors in culture and art
  • Norwegian or Greek/Cypriot fair/festival and event organisers in culture and art
  • Norwegian or Greek/Cypriot experts and media professionals focusing on topics central to Norwegian government policies

Application forms

Guiding and supporting documents may be found on the web page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the headline "Other forms". 

Applications can be submitted to the Embassy at any time of the year and will be handled on a case-by-case approach. Applicants are encouraged to send applications as early as possible to allow the Embassy enough time to process the application.

Priority will be given to projects which strengthen long-term cooperation between Norway and Greece or Cyprus, rather than one-time single activities.

Travel costs, accommodation, author`s fees, etc. are not prioritized for funding by the Embassy. For these purposes, there are several existing grant schemes available related to music, design, arts and crafts, architecture, literature, film and TV. More information can be found on the web page of Norwegian Arts Abroad ( ).