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Visitor’s visa and residence permit

A visitor's visa allows you to stay in Norway or other Schengen countries for up to 90 days over a period of 180 days. A residence permit gives you the opportunity to work in Norway and to stay for more than 90 days.

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Doing business in Norway

There are many good reasons for doing business in Norway, such as the high level of education, high productivity, and a longstanding culture of innovation. Norway has one of the world’s strongest economies. High priority is given to knowledge development, innovation, technology and maintaining a sustainable business sector.

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Studying in Norway

The Norwegian higher education sector is known for its high academic standards, innovative teaching methods and close, informal relations between students and lecturers.


Do you need help with translating official documents?


The Apostille-stamp confirms the validity of a public official’s signature.

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Working in Norway

Norway has topped the UN Human Development Index for a number of years, and is an attractive country to live and work in. Employees enjoy a high degree of gender equality and a good work–life balance.

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Visit Norway

Experience the natural wonders of Norway – sublime and serene. Enjoy the fjords, breathe the fresh mountain air, and marvel at the northern lights.

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Doing research in Norway

Higher education and research are top priorities in Norwegian policy. We welcome innovation, and cooperate closely with the business sector in many areas.

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EEA Grants in Greece

Do you have an idea for a green, competitive and inclusive Europe?

Learning Norwegian in Greece

There are several educational institutions and private teachers in Greece offering Norwegian lessons. Norwegian language exams are organised by the Norwegian Institute.

Dual citizenship will be allowed in Norway

The Norwegian parliament has decided that dual citizenship will be allowed for everyone who is, or wishes to become, a Norwegian citizen.

Table of fees

Table of Fees for Norwegian Foreign Service Missions 2019

Amendments to the Children Act and the Citizenship Act on parentage and citizenship for children born outside Norway

Amendments to the Children Act and the Citizenship Act on parentage and citizenship for children born outside Norway came into force 1 April 2019.

Sailing in Greece

The Recreational and Daily Tour Cruise Ships Fee (TEPAI) is imposed on all private and professional leisure ships and professional tourist day ships, of a total length of over 7m, regardless of flag, in Greek territorial waters.

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