Fairy tales from the forests and seas of Norway

"Fairy tales from the forests and seas of Norway" is a podcast adapted into Greek. You can listen to a Norwegian fairy tale once a month until March.

In this podcast, a Norwegian fairy tale is presented once a month until March 2021.

Listen to a fairy tale here: Podcast by Paramythofono

"Norwegian fairy tales breathe life into the glaciers and fjords where spirits dwell and trolls make their homes. Simultaneously grotesque and quaint, Norwegian fairy tales are anything but a nursery or children’s story. Sometimes Norwegian fairy tales are downright scary, but in being so, they are also gripping and exciting.

The wild animals of Norway, bears and wolves, foxes and salmons, give aid to industrious and kind folk in need, and often know all the secrets of the land and machinations of the trolls and giants. Norwegian fairy tales wouldn’t exist without princes and princesses, beggars who become kings, and wicked stepmothers who pay for their cruelty; they are tales of unlikely heroes, and intrepid underdogs, of spell reversals and seeking one’s fortune." Source: fairytalez.com 

Folk tales

Research - Text editing: Maria Vlachaki
Narration: George Eugenikos, Smaragda Apostolatou
Music composition: Mara Kaisari
Theme: Fairy tales from the Norwegian tradition
Visual: Grigoris Solidakis
Production: Fairy tale