EEA Grants stories

How do the EEA Grants make a difference to the lives of everyday people across Greece?

Inspiring stories on how the EEA Grants make a difference.

They may be some of the hundreds of thousands of people who are counted as beneficiaries of the EEA Grants in Greece. For each and every one of them, however, the support of the funding mechanism known as the EEA Grants, powered by Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, has greatly impacted their lives. Jack, Miriam, Moe, Georgia are only some of these people. They have agreed to share their experiences on camera. The Embassy has worked with Theodore Scrivanos, a Greek film maker who has a unique capability to observe and give life to stories, often unsaid. The camera is there, as an object, but does not in anyway mitigate or intervene. It simply helps the director observe and document what is happening around him. The rest is a story.

By launching our new EEA Grants Stories showcase on vimeo, it is our wish to share these inspiring stories with all of you. There will be more to come. We will keep documenting and sharing. Besides, the stories of Jack, Miriam, Moe or Georgia could have been the stories of ourselves, or of our loved ones.

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What are the EEA Grants?

The EEA Grants represent the contribution of Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein in 15 countries across Central and Eastern Europe. The aim of the Grants is to reduce social and economic disparities and to contribute to a greener, more competitive, and more inclusive Europe.

Greece has been a beneficiary country of the EEA Grants since 1994. Under the current funding period, which will extend to 2024, 116.7m euros is committed to a wide range of programs and projects across the country.

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