EEA 25 years

The Agreement on the European Economic Area (EEA) is the cornerstone of relations between Norway and the EU.

It brings together the 28 EU member states and the three EEA Efta states Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein in the internal market governed by the same basic rules. Read more on

EEA Agreement

VIDEO:  Why the EEA agreement is important

Since the very beginning 25 years ago, the EEA programs have brought Norway and Greece together in many sectors. The EEA Grants in Greece have produced positive results in many diverse fields. The revival of the Attalos arcade, hostels for abused or unaccompanied children, the aquarium in Heraklion, technology and medical research programs and the organization of the asylum service are some of the 349 projects that have been implemented. Did you know that thanks to the EEA Grants, Greece now has the first electric bus? Or that the first NGO fund was established?

Watch this video by Theodore Scrivanos to get an impression of the many great projects: