Study Norwegian Language

There are many options for studying the Norwegian language online.

The Embassy do not offer Norwegian language classes. However, there are many options for introductory courses to the Norwegian language online. Please find information about two courses recommended by the University of Oslo (UiO) on the following websites:

Folkeuniversitetet Nordland also offers study videos at level A1 and A2. The Norwegian course for beginners will give you a good foundation for using Norwegian in everyday situations. The learning platform is MOODLE:

Registration for Folkeuniversitet Nordland’s course is found here:

Folkeuniversitetet Nordland currently (2018) offers 24 hours free trial to the course. If you wish to test a 24 hour free trial, please send Bylgja Björk Johannsdottir at Folkeuniversitetet an e-mail, and you will receive a username and password.