Malaysia hydrogen report

Hydrogen is likely to play an important role in the decarbonisation of hard-to-abate sectors globally, while also having the potential for application in other sectors such as transport and power generation. Because Malaysia has access to both renewable resources and an opportunity for carbon storage, interest in both green and blue hydrogen has been increasing and attracting the attention of foreign companies.

Despite this potential, there has been limited development in the country thus far, which is why the Norwegian embassy has commissioned DNV to conduct a comprehensive report on the opportunities and challenges of establishing hydrogen value chains in Malaysia.

The report aims to investigate:

  1. The market potential for hydrogen in East and West Malaysia based on the availability of energy sources and expected production costs.
  2. Available policy & regulatory framework in Malaysia compared to international best practice.
  3. The ability for Norwegian companies to play a role in the development of hydrogen value chains in Malaysia and recommendations for increasing their role.

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