Bilateral Relations


Diplomatic relations with South Korea were established in 1959; relations with North Korea were established in 1973.

The 50th anniversary for diplomatic relations between Norway and the Republic of Korea were celebrated in 2009. The relationship between the two nations has been strong since the Korean War, when Norway contributed with medical personnel.

Economic relations have greatly improved over the last years, and South Korea is, per January 2017, Norway’s 4th largest export market in the world, after the EU, USA and China. The trade between Norway and South Korea has historically been dominated by ship- and platform building, as well as trade in industrial machines and equipment. South Korea has exported cars and electronical goods, such as computers, TVs, phones and telecommunication devices, while Norway has exported maritime equipment and services, as well as equipment for aqua culture. In recent years, Norwegian companies have shown an increasing interest for the ICT-sector in South Korea, while South Korean consumers have acquired a taste for Nowegian seafood.

Through the EFTA, Norway and South Korea has a free trade agreement as of September 2006. The agreement has had very positive effects on the NOR-ROK trade, especially when it comes to seafood exports from Norway to South Korea.