Grant agreements

You can find an overview over the Embassy’s grant agreements on the Grant Agreements Portal here.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs' grants portal provides an overview of all grants from the Ministry and Norad for which agreements have been entered into, and for which disbursements are planned for this year and for up to the next four years.

The overview shows the countries in which the grants are to be used, the grant recipients the Ministry and Norad have entered into agreements with, and the sectors that are to receive funding.

In the portal, you can search for information by continent, country or region, priority area (sector) or recipient, and view the results either in the form of a graphical presentation (map or pie chart) or in tables (detailed view). If you choose the latter, you can view detailed information about individual agreements. The overview is updated monthly.

All amounts are shown in Norwegian kroner (NOK).

The information is collected from the Ministry’s and Norad’s grant management system. This system also produces statistics for international use, and most of the information registered is therefore in English.

The Ministry has two programme areas, foreign policy and development cooperation. Development cooperation is reported on an annual basis to the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) as ODA-approved assistance (official development assistance). It is possible to search for information from both programme areas at once, or separately.

The data in the portal is updated on the 15th of every month.