Grants for promotion of Norwegian culture in South Korea

The Norwegian Embassy in Seoul has a limited budget to promote Norwegian culture in South Korea. The aim of the funds is to increase Norwegian cultural actors’ international opportunities and collaboration opportunities, as well as making relevant target groups in South Korea acquire more knowledge about Norway, Norwegian views and Norwegian politics.

The target group for the scheme is Norwegian arts and culture institutions, the Norwegian arts industry, professional cultural actors who are Norwegian or established in Norway, in addition to key foreign actors and decision-makers in the culture industry, business and society.

The scheme is application-based. Applications are received and processed continuously based on the guidelines and criteria that appear in the announcement text: Internasjonal kulturfremme - kunngjøringstekst -

The budget is limited and no one is entitled to a grant from this scheme. This applies even if all formal conditions for the award of the grant have been met.

Grants from the Norwegian embassy in Seoul shall be made visible through the use of a logo or in any other appropriate manner.

Application deadline: Ongoing

Questions about the scheme can be directed to: