Information to Gaza Citizens

Exit permit, Coordination and No Objection Letter

Applicants in Gaza who wish to travel through Israel and Jordan in order to fly from Amman, have to apply for an Exit Permit from Gaza and “Coordination” for the Allenby Bridge border crossing from Israel. Gaza citizens in the West Bank also need Coordination from Israel.

This is obtained through Ministry of Civil Affairs in Gaza and the General Authority for Civil Affairs in Ramallah. According to the information the Representative Office has received, applicants need to have their Schengen visa ready when they apply for Exit Permit and Coordination from Israel.

In addition, Gaza citizens need to apply for a "No Objection Letter" from Jordanian authorities in order to transit through Jordan. This is done through private service providers in Gaza and West Bank.  The name of the Company in Gaza is Al Asdiqa. Phone: 08-2838333 (located in Khaled Ben El Walid St.) The name of the company in West Bank is Wasel. Phone 1700 974444 or 02-2415161

The Representative Office recommends applicants in Gaza, who wish to travel through Israel and Jordan in order to fly from Amman, to apply for a visa to Norway 6-8 weeks before the planned departure, so that they can apply for the necessary permits from Israel and Jordan in time.

Please note that the abovementioned procedures might change without the Norwegian Representative Office’s knowledge. Applicants are therefore encouraged to check this information with the relevant authorities before they apply for a visa. Please be aware that being granted a visa to Norway does not automatically lead to the issuance of the necessary Exit Permit/Coordination and No Objection Letter.