Bilateral relations

Diplomatic relations between Norway and the Palestinian Authority was established in 1995.

The main goal of the Norwegian support to Palestine is the establishment of a Palestinian state based on a negotiated agreement between Israel and PLO.

Norway plays a prominent role in external support to Palestine as chair of the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee (AHLC).

The government of Norway has been providing financial assistance to the Palestinian Authorities since the Oslo Agreement was signed in 1993. Norway’s development cooperation to Palestine (West Bank and Gaza) has over the last years been approximately 700 million NOK annually.  In addition there is support to institutions like UNRWA for regional programs, benefiting Palestinian areas.

The main components of the development program of the Norwegian Representative Office (NRO) are institutional support to the Palestinian Authorities (PA) through budget support and other public instiutions, support to the civil society and multilateral organizations as well as humanitarian assistance. The main sectoral focus is on education, health and energy.