Development cooperation agreements

As a means of increasing transparency and accountability, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs wishes to make all its agreements available to the public. This page contains an overview of the current development cooperation agreements of the Norwegian Embassy in Nairobi in Kenya and Somalia. Please note that agreements managed by the Embassy only constitutes parts of Norway's Official Development Assistance (ODA) to Kenya and Somalia. A complete overview of Norway's ODA to Kenya and Somalia is available from Norad's statistics portal: Bistandsresultater (

In Kenya, priority sectors for Norwegian development cooperation include trade and production, civil society, and environment and energy. Priority areas for the embassy’s agreements include support for democratic development, good governance and human rights.

Somalia is one of Norway’s partner countries for development cooperation focusing on stabilization and conflict prevention. Priority areas for Norwegian development cooperation in Somalia include stabilization, security, democratic development and poverty reduction.

For more information about the Embassy’s agreements in Kenya and Somalia, contact