Residence permit and visa

A residence permit gives you the opportunity to work in Norway and to stay for more than 90 days.

Update 10.07.2023

All applicants applying for a residence permit or visitor's visa or an entry visa will have to provide biometric data by meeting in person to submit their application at the Embassy in Copenhagen. It will not be possible to submit applications at Norwegian Embassies in Iceland, Poland or the Czech Republic. 

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Answers to frequently asked questions on travelling to Norway/residence permits for Ukrainians and Russian citizens:

All foreigners who have the right to entry according to the rules of the Immigration Act can travel to Norway if they:

  • have a valid residence permit issued by a Schengen member country, or you have a right of residence in Norway
  • have a valid visitor´s visa or entry visa to Norway
  • have the right to visit Norway without a visa
  • are going to apply for protection (asylum) in Norway