Norwegians in California

Podcast: Norwegians in California

Check out our new podcast about Norwegians living, studying, working or visiting California.

Check out our new podcast Norwegians in California, hosted by our rotating student interns at the Consulate General in San Francisco. In this podcast we will dive into all the different opportunities you have as a Norwegian, hoping to cross the Atlantic and establish yourself or your business on the US west coast. Listen in to learn more about the Norwegians students, interns, academic and young professionals, startups, and businesses in the area, as well the great Norwegian network that exists in California.

In our very first episode you can learn more about what it is like to be an intern for the Norwegian Consulate in SF and in general what it is like to be an intern in the Silicon Valley tech hub from our current student intern Oda Sanaker.
Hosted by Emma Blattmann and Oda Sanaker.

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