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Consulate General in New York

The Norwegian Consulate General in New York works to promote Norwegian art, design, culture and business interests in the U.S. Our office is the hub for Schengen visa applications on the North and South American continents. We also provide consular services for 22 states on the east coast of the U.S. Established in 1906, our office is the largest and oldest Norwegian Consulate General in the US.


Visiting and mailing address: 
Royal Norwegian Consulate General
1 Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza, 35th Floor
885 Second Avenue
New York, NY 10017
Entrance from either 47th or 48th streets
Phone: +1 646 430 7500 
Fax: +1 646 430 7599

Happy New Year from Consul General, Harriet Berg

We all look forward to 2021, the year where we will win over the pandemic. I am also an optimist regarding how the new year will provide many new opportunities for strengthened US – Norwegian cooperation:

- There are many reasons to believe that the fight against climate change will be strengthened. Norwegian businesses represent competence and experience within renewable energy, recycling, smart buildings and transport on land and at sea, sustainable foods, and in a range of other areas that are key to sustainable economies. This is a great source for new green jobs both in the US and Norway.

- Norway is a test bed for new policies and technologies, exploring sustainable solutions. Our exploration has resulted in the highest sale and use of electric vehicles and electric ferries in the world (per capita), advanced projects on carbon capture and storage, the reduction of energy use in buildings, and digital transformation of key sectors to increase efficiency and fight climate change. Collaboration with US companies and authorities is key to accelerate the exploration of new policies and solutions.

- The global pandemic and social movements linked to Black Lives Matter have raised discussions about diversity and inclusion both in politics, culture and business. The US and Norway, with so different experiences, have a lot to learn from each other on how to achieve diversity in these spheres.

- We also look forward to moving our exchanges and cooperation in the cultural field from virtual to real life meetings in 2021. For one, I’m looking forward to the exhibition of the Norwegian painter, Nikolai Astrup's work at the Clark Institute later this year, and seeing the art works in person. While the dialogue between US and Norwegian cultural players have continued during the pandemic, we look forward to being a part of the New York creativity “in real life” when the city bounces back!

- Norway just began its 2-year term as a member of the Security Council, with an agenda that prioritize gender equality, children in armed conflict zones, and climate change’s effect on peace and security. This is another area where the cooperation with the US is important.

We miss the real New York and its incredible technological, financial, cultural and political creativity, but we are confident that US – Norwegian partnerships will grow even stronger in the aftermath of the pandemic. The Consulate General in New York cannot wait to play its part together with our partners in Team Norway!


The Royal Norwegian Consulate General in New York is open to the public.

The phone hours are from 9 am to 4 pm Monday through Friday.

Public who wish to visit the Consulate General in New York for consular matters (passport, notarial, citizenship or other matter) will need an appointment.

The Norwegian Consulate General will not accept visits without an appointment.

Please reach out to: in order to get an appointment.