Passports and Consular Services

What can the embassy or consulates general help with?

What are consular matters?

Consular matters are often defined as the services that a country’s authorities can offer its citizens while they are abroad. From the dissolution of Norway’s Union with Sweden until the end of the 1950s these services were mainly directed towards seafarers and business people. Today most of the requests for assistance are for the most part put forward by tourists and other travelers, as well as from Norwegian citizens who have decided to emigrate to the specific country for a shorter or longer period of time. The most common consular services today are assistance to Norwegians who have been the victim of theft, illness or accidents, as well as applications for passports, legalizations of documents and maritime matters. Consular matters span a wide range of cases, both when it comes to complexity and resources – from simple matters like questions regarding visas and forwarding of applications which normally only takes a few minutes, to arrests- and child abduction cases that may take years of work and follow-up.

For further information please see Meld. St. 12 Assistance to Norwegians abroad Meld. St. 12 (2010–2011) (