New Rules for Dual Citizenship - Photo:Noruega en Peru
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New Rules for Dual Citizenship

As of 2020, Norwegian citizens will be allowed dual citizenship.


As of Monday, February 3, 2020, you may register your application to retain your Norwegian citizenship, application to regain your Norwegian citizenship, and parental notification through the the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration online application portal (SpN).

You are now able to start the application process through UDI's website. Until further notice, it will not be possible to make an appointment to submit supporting documents at a Norwegian consulate or embassy. This service will be made available as soon as the necessary technical solution permits.


The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) is responsible for the implementation of the new rules
For Norwegians living in the US, this may affect you if:
1. You are a Norwegian citizen and want to apply for US citizenship. Starting January 2020, you will no longer automatically lose your Norwegian citizenship by becoming a citizen of another country.
2. You previously lost your Norwegian citizenship by gaining citizenship in the US or another country. From February 2020, you will be able to apply to regain your Norwegian citizenship if you lost it under the previous rules.
UDI is responsible for the implementation of the new rules. See UDI's website for details about procedures and more information. 
Note: Regulations regarding Retention of Citizenship for persons born outside of Norway to a Norwegian parent remain unchanged