Dual citizenship

From 1 January 2020, it will be allowed to have one or more citizenships in addition to a Norwegian citizenship.

The rules will change both for those who already are Norwegian citizens, and for those who are applying for Norwegian citizenship.

In order for you to have dual citizenship, the other country you are a citizen of must also allow this. 

You must always check whether the country you are a citizen of accepts that you get dual citizenship, or if you will lose your citizenship automatically if you become a Norwegian citizen. You must check this with the authorities in this country, for example through an embassy. 

The Directorate of Immigration (UDI) is the central agency in the Norwegian immigration administration, and can answer questions about the citizenship rules. Here is the contact info for the UDI. 

For more information plese visit the UDI website.


From Monday 3 February 2020 these categories of applicants will be able to apply in UDI's online portal:

  • retention of your Norwegian citizenship;
  • those who have previously been Norwegian;
  • those born before 2006 and whose parents were not married at the time of birth

However, it will not be possible to reserve an appointment with the Norwegian embassy in Pretoria to hand in the application and additional documentation until further notice. This will only be possible once the technical solution is in place.