Students studying - Photo:Ilja C. Hendel
Photo: Ilja C. Hendel

Studying in Norway

The Norwegian higher education sector is known for its high academic standards, innovative teaching methods and close, informal relations between students and lecturers.

There are no tuition fees at public universities and university colleges in Norway. Tuition fees at private universities are usually lower than in other countries. However, living costs are higher than in Indonesia. Indonesian students should take this into account when applying for a higher education programme at one of these institutions. Indonesian students may approach institutions in Indonesia for scholarships, such as the Indonesian Education Scholarship (BPI) for Master and Doctoral Programmes, a scholarship programme funded by the Indonesian government through the use of National Trust for Education Development (DPPN) and managed by Lembaga Pengelola Dana Pendidikan (LPDP). The University of Oslo, University of Bergen and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology are all on the list of LPDP’s approved insitutions, which means students can apply for an LPDP scholarship to study for a Master’s or PhD degree in any of these universities. As of now, the Norwegian Government does not have a scholarship scheme particularly aimed at Indonesian students.

It is possible to study interesting combinations of subjects at Norwegian universities and university colleges, and a wide range of courses and programmes is available in English for international students.

In addition, student life at most higher education institutions is very dynamic, and there are a range of social activities on offer.

International students give many reasons as to why they like studying in Norway: the safe, peaceful, and technologically advanced society; the magnificent scenery; the opportunity to take part in a variety of outdoor sports and activities – summer and winter; and the fact that studying in Norway will enhance their career opportunities, both in Norway and in other countries.

How do I apply?

You can do part of your degree in Norway through one of the established exchange programmes or agreements between institutions, or you can come to Norway to follow an entire Bachelors or Masters degree course.

Read more about the advantages of studying in Norway, find universities and university colleges that offer courses in English, and find out how to apply at

Indonesian students may register their visa application at the Norwegian Visa Application Centre in Kuningan City Mall 1st floor. You may read more about visa application procedures under the section Visitor`s visa and residence permit.