Electric ferry - Photo:Andreas Kleiberg
Andreas Kleiberg

Bilateral Relations

Norway and Croatia enjoy good bilateral relations.

Norway recognised Croatia as an independent state 15 January 1992, and diplomatic relations were established soon after.

Political and economic cooperation is a significant link between our two countries. We are both members of the European Economic Area. Under this agreement, Norwegians and Croats have the same rights when it comes to trade, investments, and buying and selling services. Furthermore, we also have the same right to work, study and live in each others countries.

Since Croatia joined the European Economic Area in 2013, we have seen a steady increase in bilateral activities and cooperation. Our trade has grown by 30 percent, student mobility and work migration have also increased. The Norwegian-Croatian cooperation programmes under the EEA and Norway Grants worth EUR 103.4 million are expected to widen and deepen our cooperation further.

Defence and security cooperation are also central elements of Norwegian-Croatian relations. Both of us regard the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) as an important safeguard to European and transatlantic security. We also share the same views on the importance of a strong multilateral cooperation through the United Nations. Norway and Croatia are also partners in a programme "Knowledge 4 Reform Action", which is funded by Norway and implemented by UNOPS Austria. 

Cultural exchange are other important aspects of our people-to-people cooperation. Tourism is also bringing us closer together with Croatia being on of the most popular destinations for Norwegians every year.