Grand Centar, Zagreb. Photo: Microclima
Grand Centar, Zagreb. Photo: Microclima

About the Embassy

Norway has been cooperating closely with Croatia since the country's independence, always with the goal of contributing to the social and economic progress and supporting Croatian integration with Euro-Atlantic structures.

Grand Centar
Hektorovićeva 2
10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Contact information
Phone: +385 (0)1 6273 800
Fax: +385 (0)1 6273 899

The Embassy premises in Hektorovićeva street are accessible to the public by appointment only. 

The relations between Norway and Croatia are closely linked with our two countries’ participation in European political and economic cooperation. Our two countries enjoy excellent bilateral relations, which was established on 20 February 1992. Today, Croatia has an embassy in Oslo and Norway has an embassy in Zagreb and honorary consulates in Dubrovnik and Rijeka.


An honorary Norwegian Consulate was established in Zagreb in 1923. In 1975 this Consulate was upgraded to a Consulate General. Norway recognised the Republic of Croatia's independence on 15th January 1992.

The first Norwegian Ambassador to Croatia was accredited from Budapest on the 27th of April 1992. From August 1992 to December 1996 the Embassy was led by a Chargé d'affaires living in Zagreb. The honorary Consulate General was closed 31st December 1993. On 13th May 1994 a honorary Consul was appointed in Rijeka. The first resident Ambassador of Norway to Croatia was accredited on 15th of January 1997. On 6th April 2009 a honorary Consul was appointed in Dubrovnik.

In September 1991 Croatia opened an information office in Oslo. In August 1993 the Croatian Embassy in Oslo was established under the leadership of a Chargé d'affaires and with the Croatian Ambassador in Copenhagen accredited in Oslo. The first resident Croatian Ambassador to Norway arrived in September 1998.


An important task for the Embassy is to follow the development of domestic and foreign affairs in Croatia. Of particular interest is the bilateral relation between Croatia and Norway and the bilateral cooperation which focuses on Croatia's Euro-Atlantic integration processes. The main dialogue partner is the Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. However, the co-operation also includes other ministries and government agencies. The Embassy provides a link between Norwegian central authorities and international organisations present in Croatia.

The Embassy also deals with other issues of particular interest to Norway, such as petroleum and energy questions, environmental issues, development co-operation and maritime affairs. 

The Embassy gives assistance in consular matters to Norwegian and Croatian citizens. The Embassy is also the main contact point for private business and trade.