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Visa and residence permit for third-country nationals

Croatian citizens do not need a visa to visit or work in Norway. Croatian citizens may travel to Norway with their national ID card. Passport is not required. Also nationals of other EU/EEA countries and of countries that have a visa exemption agreement with Norway do not need a visa. Nationals of all other countries need a visitor’s visa.

Norway introduces its strictest entry rules since March 2020

From midnight on Friday 29 January, stringent rules apply for entry into Norway for citizens from all countries.

Most people cannot travel to Norway now without belonging to one of the exceptions.

This applies to citizens of all countries, including citizens from the EU/EEA and Nordic citizens.

These categories cannot travel to Norway now:

  • Tourists
  • family members not listed under the Exceptions: close family members section
  • boyfriend/girlfriend or fiancé
  • EU/EEA citizens (including Nordic citizens) who are going to work or study in Norway, and who do not belong to any of the exceptions listed below
  • business travelers
  • foreigners who have been granted a Schengen visa, but who do not belong to any of the exceptions below
  • persons who have leisure property in Norway, but are not resident here

For list of persons who can travel to Norway now and further information, please refer to the UDI webpages:



Which persons can travel to Norway on a visa now?

It is now possible to visit ONLY the following family members in Norway:

  • spouse or registered partner
  • cohabitant with joint children, or cohabitants without children who have lived together for more than two years
  • children or stepchildren (under 18)
  • parents or stepparents (to children under 18)

Please note that no exemptions are to be granted from quarantine duty or from ordinary provisions of the Immigration Act. The usual requirements for visa and entry will apply.


New entry-requirements before and upon arrival in Norway

Please note that there are very strict entry requirements to Norway now due to the pandemic. Here are the main requirements before, upon and after arrival:

  • Registration requirement for all people entering Norway

All people entering Norway must register themselves as part of infection control. The amendment enters into force Monday 21 December 2020. Please read more about this, and how to register here.

  • Negative Covid-test taken maximum 24 hours before travelling to Norway
  • Mandatory Covid-19-testing for travellers to Norway upon arrival

This new requirement of testing after arrival in Norway comes in addition to the requirement to have a negative Covid-19-pcr-test before travelling to Norway.

  • 10-days quarantine-requirement (for several categories of travellers the quarantine will be in a hotel)

The rules and regulations are currently changing quite often, you must therefore make sure to update yourself on the latest regulation at HelseNorge


Visa for third-country nationals

A visitor's visa allows you to stay in Norway or other Schengen countries for up to 90 days over a period of 180 days.

If you are a third-country national with residence permit in Croatia and need a visa for Norway you must hand in your application in person at one of the VFS Global application centers in Kosovo, Serbia or Turkey. Your application will then be processed by the Norwegian Embassy in Ankara, Turkey.

Before you can hand in the necessary documentation to one of the visa application centers, you must register your application in the Application Portal of the Directorate of Immigration (UDI). The checklist gives an overview of the documents you need to submit with the application to start the application process.

For further information about the application procedure and processing time, you can find more information on the homepages of the visa application centers, which are listed below: 


Residence permit for third-country nationals

Nationals of Croatia and other EU/EEA countries do not need a residence permit to stay or work in Norway. However, if you want to stay for longer than three months, you must register with the police. If you are a national of a non-EU/EEA country and want to work in Norway or to stay for longer than 90 days, you need a residence permit.

You will find information on the different types of residence permit on the homepage of UDI. You must first register your application in the Application Portal. You must gather all the documents in the relevant checklist on UDI’s website.

Applicants residing in Croatia must submit in person the application at one of the VFS Global application centers in Kosovo, Serbia or Turkey.  When filling in the application, applicants are required to mark in which VFS Global application center the application will be submitted. The Norwegian Embassy in Ankara is responsible for processing the application. 

For further information about the application procedure and processing time, you can find more information on the homepages of the VFS Global visa application centers, which are listed above.