Aimie Baribeau - Photo:Aimie Baribeau
Aimie Baribeau Aimie Baribeau

Aimie Baribeau, Oslo

Aimie Baribeau studies biology at the University of Oslo on exchange from Université Laval, Quebec

Why did you decide to study in Norway?

I decided to study in Norway because I wanted to improve my skills in English and because I wanted to discover the country, as I did not know much about it. I also wanted to challenge myself by staying here for two semesters by myself.


Where did you find info about studying in Norway?

My study director at my university in Quebec informed me about the opportunity to study abroad and he offered me six choices; the University of Oslo was one of them. I read about UiO and the courses looked interesting so I decided to come here.


Advice for future students

So if I had advise for future students, you can chose Norway because; it is an amazing country, the University has a high level of education, life here is really nice and the people are amazing.