Ocean Connections  - Foto:Andrea Klaussner / Hurtigruten
Ocean Connections Andrea Klaussner / Hurtigruten

Seminário Ocean Connections

Data Nacional da Noruega


Hino Nacional do Brasil - Parte I

Ouviram do Ipiranga as margens plácidas
De um povo heróico o brado retumbante,
E o sol da liberdade, em raios fúlgidos,
Brilhou no céu da pátria nesse instante.
Se o penhor dessa igualdade
Conseguimos conquistar com braço forte,
Em teu seio, ó liberdade,
Desafia o nosso peito a própria morte!
Ó Pátria amada,
Salve! Salve!
Brasil, um sonho intenso, um raio vívido
De amor e de esperança à terra desce,
Se em teu formoso céu, risonho e límpido,
A imagem do Cruzeiro resplandece.
Gigante pela própria natureza,
És belo, és forte, impávido colosso,
E o teu futuro espelha essa grandeza.
Terra adorada,
Entre outras mil,
És tu, Brasil,
Ó Pátria amada!
Dos filhos deste solo és mãe gentil,
Pátria amada,

Letra: Joaquim Osório Duque Estrada
Música: Francisco Manuel da Silva



Ja, vi elsker dette landet

som det stiger frem,

furet, værbitt over vannet,

med de tusen hjem.

Elsker, elsker det og tenker

på vår far og mor

og den saganatt som senker

drømme på vår jord.




Ja, vi elsker dette landet

som det stiger frem

furet, værbitt over vannet

med de tusen hjem.

Og som fedres kamp har hevet

det av nød til seir,

også vi, når det blir krevet,

for dets fred slår leir.



The recent floods in Rio Grande do Sul have left devastation in their wake, impacting countless lives, including our colleagues at Yara, Statkraft, Odjfell and Flumar. Today, I invite you to stand in solidarity with us as we come together to support those in need.The floodwaters have displaced families, destroyed homes, and disrupted livelihoods, leaving hundreds in urgent need of assistance. Let's rally together to create a network of support for our fellow NBCC members affected by this tragedy.Your generosity can make a real difference. Whether it's financial contributions, donations of essential supplies, or offering your time and resources, every gesture matters. Money donations can be made to the NBCC´s savings account as indicated in the banner thought the PIX fin@nbcc.com.br.Together, we can provide much-needed relief and aid to those facing immense challenges during these difficult days. Let's show the strength of our community by standing united in support of our colleagues and their families.Thank you for your compassion and support. Together, we can make a difference.

History of the 17th of May 

On the 17th of May we celebrate our Constitution from 1814, the second oldest constitution in the world that is still in use. Only the US Constitution is older! In 1814, Europe was devastated due to many years of Napoleonic wars. Under the Treaty of Kiel, Denmark had to give Norway to Sweden as part of the spoils of war. Brave Norwegians decided to take the opportunity to seek independence, and a National Assembly was called to draft a constitution for Norway.  

Inspired by the wave of Enlightenment that was sweeping Europe and America at the time, the 112 men assembled at Eidsvoll – there were supposed to be more men – from all over Norway – but the ones from Northern Norway never got there on time due to the poor quality of the roads. The 112 men that were there signed a modern Constitution after 6 weeks of hard work, on the 17th of May, 1814. The constitution  reflected the ideals of freedom, democracy, equality, and human rights.  

Even though Norway ended up in a union with Sweden in 1814, sharing a King and foreign service, the important thing looking back is that Norway got to keep our Constitution. We won and developed our autonomy, upon which we could build our nation. Our nation-building was greatly helped by incredible Norwegian authors, artists, and explorers, like Ibsen and Bjornson, Grieg and Munch, Nansen and Amundsen. Ultimately, we gained our independence as the union with Sweden was dissolved in 1905. 

Today, our 17th of May celebration revolves less around the nation and more about the ideas that the constitution reflects: freedom, equality, democracy, and human rights. These are ideas that know no national borders and that we share with many others.