Gry Rabe Henriksen and Maja Lunde

Book presentation with Norwegian author Maja Lunde

Friday May 6th, Consul General Gry Rabe Henriksen hosted a book presentation and Q&A with renowned Norwegian author Maja Lunde on her latest book “The Last Wild Horses”.

| San Francisco

Maja Lunde is one of the most celebrated Norwegian authors of her generation and a prominent advocate for climate action. Consul General Gry Rabe Henriksen was joined by Maja Lunde in the Norwegian Residence for a book reading and Q&A on her latest book “The Last Wild Horses”, the third book from her dystopian climate fiction quartet.  City Ligths Books, Bay Area Book Festival and climate tech companies Desert Control and Quells where among the guests.

Lunde’s “Climate Quartet” represents global stories with elements of history, travel, science, and dystopia. Deeply researched and gorgeously written, “The Last Wild Horses” is the third in the series (after A History of Bees” and The End of the Ocean”) and moves between places and centuries as three sets of characters strive to save the fabled Przewalski horse, a wild Mongolian breed.  Maja Lunde stated that this Quartet is not only about the climate crisis, but also a nature crisis. She emphasized that we as humans have a responsibility towards other species on earth, and that finding love for nature is part of the solution - it’s about mentality. The rapid human adaptation to the pandemic, as well as increased awareness of the climate crisis, has contributed to giving new hope. Despite this, Lunde was of the view that humans do not take the climate crisis as personally or seriously as we should.

Lunde will publish her fourth and final book in the Quartet this September. «Drømmen om et Tre», translating «The Dream of a Tree», takes place in Svalbard and the Global Seed Vault.  In this setting, characters from “A History of Bees” and “The End of the Ocean” will meet again.