Seminar in the Atlantic Hall

Prioritizing Maritime Safety

At an Embassy seminar on Wednesday, November 30, attendees gathered to discuss maritime safety, emergency preparedness, and rescue in the High North.

The event covered the Viking Sky incident of March 2019, in which a cruise ship suffered an engine failure and came close to running aground. The seminar focused on the importance of preventing situations like these and what risk-reduction measures people should be aware of, including those that the cruise industry itself can contribute. 

Ambassador Krutnes offered remarks, and the speakers were Deanne Criswell of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Elisabeth Aarsæther of the Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection, Jon Halvorsen, of the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre in Norway, Kjerstin Askholt of the Cruise Committee, and Thomas F. Gorgol, of the United States Coast Guard.