Visa update

Dear all visa applicants, It is possible to apply for a Schengen visa to Norway six months ahead of date of travel, but it is required to apply at least 15 days before your planned travel date. In this regard, we stress that you should not purchase your tickets before you know that a visa has been granted. It is not possible to withdraw your passport before your application has been processed.

PLEASE NOTE The Embassy is unfortunately unable to respond to visa inquiries on social media or via phone. Instead, contact us via e-mail (in English).

Are you waiting for your visa decision? Due to a high number of visa applications received in 2023 some applicants are experiencing extended waiting time.

The Norwegian Visa Hub in Abu Dhabi is currently processing applications as follows:

Iran: Applications submitted in August-September

Pakistan: Applications submitted in July-September

Saudi Arabia: Applications submitted in October

UAE: Applications submitted in September-October

Qatar: Applications submitted in October

The processing time for applications is normally 15 calendar days after the Embassy has received the application. Courier time when sending documents between VFS Global and the Embassy must be counted in addition (up to 7-10 days extra). It is not possible to withdraw your passport during this time.

In some cases where the Embassy needs more information or further examination of the case, or when the application is sent to the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI), the processing time may be up to 45 calendar days. During the peak season for visas the waiting time is extended for some applications, but our target is to provide an answer prior to the stated travel date, provided that all the required documents have been submitted.

Kindly note that you need to book an appointment with VFS in order to submit your application for a visa or residence permit. Information on how to book appointments can be found at the homepage of VFS Global. Booking of appointments with VFS are FREE OF CHARGE, but you need to pay a service fee for the submission of your application. In the UAE and in Pakistan, you have to pay the service fee online when you book an appointment. Any other services are optional. We encourage our customers not to use agents.

Interviews: Interviews are being conducted through videolink at the VFS Application Centers. If you are waiting for an interview, please note that the Embassy will contact you to schedule the appointment once it is your turn. The Embassy is performing interviews from medio September to medio April due to the high season for visas.

PLEASE NOTE The Embassy does not respond to visa inquiries on social media or via phone. All general inquiries regarding visas must be routed to VFS:


Wishing you a very good trip to @visitnorway!

Royal Norwegian Embassy Abu Dhabi.