Partnering in dealing with the global consequences of Ukraine war

Russia’s illegal war on Ukraine has global repercussions, impacting African countries, the Middle East and Afghanistan severely. That is why Norway steps up support, with an extraordinary allocation of NOK 5 billion to assist developing countries who are severely affected by the consequences of the war.

A year has passed since the start of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Many developing countries are harshly affected by the consequences of the war, which added to an already difficult economic situation. Pressure on food production and global supply chains have driven the cost of fertilizer and energy up, resulting in more hunger, more poverty, and more distress. The humanitarian needs are record high. The United Nations assess that more than 10 percent of the world’s population will not have enough access to enough nutritious food.

With this backdrop, Norway has allocated extraordinary support totaling NOK 5 billion (approx. USD 485 million in today’s currency exchange rate) for 2023, to vulnerable populations who are harshly impacted by the global consequences of the war. The support will go towards humanitarian assistance and food security.

The humanitarian assistance will be provided to the most vulnerable populations, in accordance with UN appeals and the humanitarian principles. Support to increase food security will be allocated primarily to Sub-Saharan Africa, while assistance to the Middle East, North Africa and in Afghanistan is also under consideration.

Norway will provide this support through current partners who have a documented track-record of delivery on the ground and absorption capacity. Partners will include multilateral organisations, financial institutions and civil society.

The extraordinary support comes in addition to the regular humanitarian and development assistance, which are maintained at high levels.

The extra allocation is part of a broader support plan to alleviate suffering resulting from Russia’s war on Ukraine.