How do I get a new passport?

Passport applications must be made in person at the Embassy. Please bring your current passport with you. If you have lost your passport or your passport has been stolen, you need to file a police report before coming to the Embassy and bring the police report with you. More information is available here.

We are Norwegians living in Singapore and are expecting a baby. How does our newborn child obtain a Norwegian passport?

As a rule, both parents should accompany the child to the Embassy when lodging the application. When applying, please bring the child's Singapore Birth Certificate affixed with an Apostille Certificate from Singapore Academy of Law (SAL). The certificate must have both parents' names on it. Please be advised that Singapore's Immigration and Checkpoints Authority only allows newborns without passports to stay in Singapore for 42 days, so the application should be lodged as early as possible. The issuing of the first passport can in some cases take much longer time. More information is available here.

Should Norwegians in Singapore register at the Embassy?

We encourage registration via Ministry of Foreign Affairs/UDs Reiseregistrering. See link here. A Norwegian phone number is needed to be able to register in the Reiseklar App. 

Is there a Norwegian school in Singapore?

No, there is no ordinary Norwegian school in Singapore. However, the International School – Overseas Family School (OFS) offers Norwegian Mother Tongue Classes with a native speaker teacher. Students enrolled at the school will have four hours of classes per week integrated into their school timetable. The Norwegian Cultural Center (NCC) offers group and private lessons both offline or online for adults and children with native Norwegian teachers. Norgesskolen holds annually two weeks summer school and one week winter school for students in Norway. In addition, Norskskolen and Globalskolen offers free online education in Norwegian, social studies, and religion and ethics for primary and secondary school students living abroad following the Norwegian official curriculum.

Can we get married at the Embassy in Singapore?

Yes, provided that both bride and groom are Norwegian citizens. Please send a request to the Embassy (consular.singapore[at]mfa.no) well ahead of your preferred wedding date. More information is available in Norwegian here

Can I bring tobacco and snus into Singapore?

With effect from 1 August 2016, the ban on emerging tobacco products in Singapore was tightened. From this date it has been prohibited to bring snus to Singapore.

For more information see press release from The Ministry of Health here.

What happens if I am arrested in Singapore?

All Norwegians must respect and obey Singaporean law while in Singapore. If you are arrested, you are entitled to consular assistance from the Embassy. More information on how the Embassy may assist you is available in Norwegian here.

I live in Singapore and travel frequently in the region. Where can I get information about different destinations and travel advice?

Please consult the website of the the Norwegian Ministry of Foregin Affairs. Where applicable, you can also visit the website of the Norwegian Embassy in the country you plan to travel to. Always notify your new travel destination on the Reiseklar App and using your Norwegian phone number. 

Please note that most countries in the region require your passport to have at least six months validity upon arrival. Please ensure that you meet the local immigration requirements, otherwise you may be denied entry upon arrival. 

Where can I find information regarding Norwegian business and the Norwegian business community in Singapore? 

Please refer to Norwegian Business Association in Singapore (NBAS). Additionally, Innovation Norway has a branch office in Singapore.



Does the Embassy provide translation services?

No, we do not provide translation services here at the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Singapore. Your alternative is having a certified translator make an official and certified translation. The translators are aware of the certifying process, and they will be able to provide you with all the steps needed to have your translated document/documents valid in Norway.

I want to go to Norway. Do I need a visa? How do I obtain a visa or work permit?

Citizens of Singapore are able to enter and remain in Norway and the Schengen area for up to 90 days without a visa. However, it is a requirement for entry that the passport of the person travelling is valid for at least three months after the intended date of departure from the Schengen area. Stays in Norway exceeding 90 days, student exchanges, family migrations, au pair visas and other long term visits require a residence permit. For more information, see this page

Where can we find tourist information about Norway?

Please go to www.visitnorway.com.

I plan to study in Norway. How can I best prepare myself for this?

Useful information can also be found at studyinnorway.no. You are also encouraged to contact the receiving university or college in Norway for information about Norway and Norwegian university life.