Democratic Governance

Democratic Governance - Photo:Photo: Marie Cecile Embleton
Photo: Marie Cecile Embleton

Last updated: 07.03.2017 // Information about the role of democratic governance in Norwegian Development Cooperation with Malawi

The cooperation between Norway and Malawi is to strengthen the young democracy through the facilitation of compliance to human rights standards - for improved accountability through citizen participation based on their democratic/Constitutional rights. Examples:

  • Free and fair elections are important for development. Norway supported the 2014 tripartite election through UNDP, Norwegian Church Aid and the Gender Coordination Network (the ‘50-50 Campaign’). The international observer mission of the SADC-PF to Malawi’s elections were supported by the Embassy, as well as a new agreement promoting new councillors’ capacity.
  • Norway is also supporting the Media Council of Malawi helping to ensure a free and independent press that is conscious of its role,
  • The Democracy Consolidation Program (DCP) to facilitate the right to development. Women constitute an important target group of the programs, leading to women increasingly taking on leadership roles. Citizen empowerment, including human rights awareness and redress is an integral aspect of Norwegian support towards democratic governance.