Democratic Governance - Photo:Photo: Marie Cecile Embleton
Photo: Marie Cecile Embleton Photo: Marie Cecile Embleton

Democratic Governance, Gender Equality and Respect for Human Rights

Updated: 27.11.2019 // Norway believes that democratic governance and respect for human rights are fundamental for creating stable and peaceful societies and sustainable social and economic development. Norway has in various ways supported the development and consolidation of democratic governance in Malawi throughout its engagement in the country.

Norway's strategic goals in Malawi are strengthened democratic governance, more gender equality and greater respect for human rights. 

Specific priorities for Norwegian support 2019-2020 are:

  • Increased respect for human rights and improvement of national complaince to international human rights obligations
  • Strengthen girls' and women's rights and position in society
  • Contribute to the protection of vulnerable groups like LGBTI, disabled, persons living with albinism and elderly accused of witchcraft
  • Support the electoral cycle in Malawi, with emphasis on women's participation and representation

Norwegian supoprt contributes to priorities set out for the governance in the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy III. 

Norway will work with the UN and other development partners to strengthen national human rights institutions. Specifically, Norway aims to strengthen the rights of vulnerable groups like LGBTI, disabled, persons living with albinism and elderly accused of witchcraft.

Norway supports the strengthening of capacity of parliament, addressing challenges of parliament's autonomy as well as the technical capacity of its committees.

Norway also supports the electoral cycle in Malawi, through UNDP and other partners, with the aims of improving the credibility of elections and strengthening institutions involved in the planning and implementation of elections; increasing the participation and representation of women at different levels.

Gender equality, as a cross cutting issue, will be mainstreamed across the Norwegian engagement in Malawi. Norway supports, through UN and other partners, programmes aimed at increasing women's economic independence as well as their role in decision making processes.