Cultural Cooperation  - Photo:Photo: RNE
Photo: RNE

Cultural Cooperation

Updated: 27.11.2019 // Norway has had a long term involvement with the cultural sector in Malawi. The support has been along two main lines; cooperation with the Government of Malawi and support to cultural actors in the civil society. The support aims at helping achieve Malawi’s goal on promotion and preservation of Malawi’s cultural heritage, in addition to strengthening cultural practitioners to participate actively in democratic processes.

Cooperation with the government of Malawi have been through the Department of Culture (in the Ministry of Tourism and Culture). The support has enabled rehabilitation and maintenance of a number of historical buildings including facilitating development of the first cultural policy for Malawi. The grant supported conservation of prehistoric art forms such as Chongoni Rock paintings, which were declared a World Heritage Site 2006. The grant also enabled Malawi prepare dossiers leading to inscription of three traditional dances unique to Malawi on UNESCOs Representative List of the Intangible Culture heritage of Humanity.

In civil society, Norway has previously supported Kungoni Arts Centre and Museum at Mua Mission, and the theatre group Nanzikambe Arts. The latter is a theatre group that performed an adaption of Ibsen’s “A Doll’s House” and the interactive play “Democracy on Trial”. This Embassy also funded production of a film, the Last Fishing Boat that won prices at international film festivals in Nigeria and the U.S. In addition, Norway has supported the construction of the amphitheatre in Karonga Museum.