Statement on Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway, May 2023

As the film, Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway releases on Netflix, we expect some of our Indian friends will watch the movie.

We encourage viewers to read the disclaimer at the start of the film. It clearly states the following:

  • The film is inspired from certain real life incidents
  • creative liberty has been taken
  • The film does not claim to be an authentic and accurate representation or depiction of the events, nor the opinion of the makers of the film or persons associated with the film on such event.

The film is a work of fiction, even though it is based on an actual case. The case being referred to was resolved a decade ago in cooperation with Indian authorities and with the agreement of all parties involved.

To protect the children and the right to privacy the Norwegian government can never comment on a specific case. The Embassy is therefore not able to go into the story as depicted in Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway. However, we wish to highlight a few general facts about the Norwegian society and welfare system.

  • Children are never taken away from their families based on cultural differences described. Eating with their hands or having children sleeping in bed with their parents are not considered practices harmful to children and are not uncommon in Norway, irrespective of cultural background.
  • Child welfare is not driven by profit. The alleged claim that ‘the more children put into the foster system, the more money they make’ is incorrect. Alternative care is a matter of responsibility, and not a money making entity.
  • The border between Norway and Sweden is open and not manned by the army in combat gear. Border personnel in Norway will never remove children from their parents by force.
  • Norway does not interfere in other countries’ internal judicial processes as wrongly depicted in the film.

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Op-ed by Ambassador of Norway to India in the Indian Express

Royal Norwegian Embassy

New Delhi