The Indian Delegation visited the battery-recycling facilities of Batteriretur and Hydrovolt. - Photo:Beate Langset
Beate Langset

Indian Delegation visits Norway for 9th Joint Working Group on Environment meeting

Norway and India are solidifying their cooperation on environmental issues. It is in this context that an Indian Delegation once again visited Norway last week for the 9th meeting with the Joint Working Group (JWG) on Environment.

The JWG Environment was established between the Indian and Norwegian departments of climate and environment to share best practices on sustainable management systems.

“Not only have we discussed areas of common concern and future engagement, but we have also seen some very good models that Norway has in place, especially regarding circular economy”. Said Secretary of the Indian Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change (MoEFCC) Leena Nandan, who headed the delegation. 

Secretary Nandan gave her message by video with greetings from the dense pine forests outside Fredrikstad. For the video, click here

Through several field visits around the city of Fredrikstad in Norway, the Indian delegates and Norwegian companies shared knowledge and experiences from working on circular economy, electrification, and sustainability.

Among the visits was one to the companies Batteriretur and Hydrovolt in Øra, where the delegates got to witness the technologically advanced methods of recycling batteries.

Additionally, the delegates got to try out a staple everyday activity for Norwegians – recycling plastic bottles and cans using the reverse vending machine!

In exchange of money, Norwegians usually save up empty cans and bottles to recycle them at the local grocery store something that has made Norway a worldwide leader in collection of plastic bottles and cans.

Through a week full of fruitful discussions, valuable exchanges, and Norwegian weather, both parts were inspired to work harder to further our cross-border cooperation on environment.