India-Norway Blue Economy collaborative model is good for economic growth, climate and marine environment

On June 23, the India-Norway Task Force on Blue Economy for Sustainable Development will meet for the 5th time. The meeting is chaired by Secretary Dr M. Ravichandran, Ministry of Earth Sciences, and the Norwegian Ambassador, Hans Jacob Frydenlund.

The Task Force was constituted after the initiative from Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to support growth in the Blue Economy as the 6th dimension of his Vision of New India by 2030.



As rightly pointed by Ambassador Frydenlund, “The Norway-India cooperation contributes to creating economic growth and jobs while protecting the marine environment and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. The Blue Economy has enormous potential when we develop it sustainably”

Secretary MOES further added that “India has recently launched the Deep Ocean Mission which aims at developing technologies for the exploration of the ocean resources and mapping the rich marine biodiversity of India’s EEZ which would help in developing new generation ocean services for the country. India is also working towards early finalization of its Blue Economy Policy.”

The meeting will focus on the Indo-Norwegian cooperation to improve ocean space management, reduce plastic pollution, and cut emissions from shipping and ports. Officials will also explore how the two countries can enhance collaboration on deep ocean technology, fisheries, aquaculture, and ocean-based renewable energy.

“Since the Task Force was launched 3 years ago, India and Norway have made great strides towards tackling marine pollution and improving waste management through a number of joint projects. Our industries are partnering up to build zero emission ships and develop deep ocean technology”, said Ambassador Frydenlund.

“The Integrated Ocean Management Initiative under this collaboration has led to better understanding of the ocean resources management and conflict resolution mechanisms   amongst the stakeholders which would lead to development of Marine Spatial Planning template for the country” mentioned Dr Ravichandran.

The India-Norway Blue Economy Task Force initiatives contribute immensely to furthering the Government of India programmes such as the Swachh Bharat Mission, Sagar mala and Sustainable Development Goals.

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