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Information about travel restrictions to Norway

Mandatory test prior to entry

As of Monday 25 January, all foreign nationals travelling to Norway are required to present a negative Covid-19 test certificate. The test must be taken no later than 24 hours prior to arrival. All foreign nationals arriving by plane can take the test within 24 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time. 

The certificate must be in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, English, French or German. Approved test methods are PCR and antigen rapid test.

More information and exemptions from the rule can be found here.

Travel registration 

All travellers must complete a registration form prior to crossing the border. This also applies to Norwegian citizens. You can do this digitally here or in paper form here. You cannot register your journey digitally any earlier than 72 hours prior to the time of arrival. If you have questions or require assistance in connection with the registration, please call +47 33 41 28 70. This service is operated by the Government. 

Mandatory testing on the Norwegian borders

The Norwegian government has introduced mandatory testing at border crossings for persons who have been to an area that necessitates quarantine upon arrival in Norway. Tests are free of charge. More informaton and exemptions from the rule can be found here


People in entry quarantine must stay at a quarantine hotel during the 10-day quarantine period.

The quarantine hotel requirement does not apply to:

  • Persons who are able to document access to a permanent residence in Norway regardless of whether this residence is owned or rented.
  • Other persons whose stay is for purposes other than work or an assignment and who can document that they have access to a suitable location other than a quarantine hotel for their quarantine stay. A suitable location must be a private room with access to dedicated bathroom facilities, a separate kitchen or eating facility, and it must be possible to avoid close contact with others.

If you are to implement your quarantine duty in another location (not your own home), you must provide documentation of the place of residence meeting the requirements. This must be included in the registration form that you will need to complete prior to entry.This will not apply to those persons who quarantine in their own homes, regardless of whether their home is owned or rented.

  • People who are in Norway to work and who can document that their employer has provided them with a suitable place to stay during the quarantine period.

The Ministry of Justice and Public Security have collected the information about traveling to Norway here

For more exemptions from the travel restrictions and updated information about current travel restrictions, we ask you to visit the following web portals: 

We kindly ask you to look up information on these pages before contacting the Embassy and Consulates with your questions.

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