Norwegian audio installation at Zagreb exhibition

Last updated: 13.01.2016 // Norwegian artist Jana Winderen will showcase her audio installation ‘Surface Interruption’ at an exhibition in Zagreb on 14 January at 7pm.

The installation is part of the exhibition 'OUT OF NORTH!!' in Galerija Bačva at the Meštrovićev pavilion in Zagreb. The exhibition is curated by Nina Thorstensen, commissioned by the Croatian Association of Artists and supported by The Office for Contemporary Art Norway, The Norwegian Embassy, The Zagreb City Council and The Meštrovićev pavilion.

The installation will run until 24 January.

Surface Interruption
‘Surface Interruption’ is a site-specific acoustic installation by the Norwegian artist Jana Winderen. With the aid of specialized technology she studies and records the hidden and unseen world beneath us. By bringing the audio topography of the oceans and the ice crevasses to the surface the artists wants to draws the attention to the complexity and fragility of our marine ecosystems. Travelling to remote corners of the Earth to make her field recordings, Winderen uses hydrophones - sensitive underwater microphones - to collect sounds inaudible or inaccessible to unassisted human ears. This scattered sound material is then edited and layered into powerful descriptive soundscapes.

About the artist
Jana Winderen is an artist educated in Fine Art at Goldsmiths College in London, and with a background in mathematics, chemistry and fish ecology from the University in Oslo. She had an installation in Park Avenue Tunnel, New York City in the summer of 2014 and exhibited at MoMA, NYC in 2013. Jana was recently an artist-in-residence at the TBA21 Academy and releases her audio-visual works on Touch. In 2011 she won the Golden Nica, Ars Electronica, for Digital Musics & Sound Art. With her immersive multi-channel installations and concerts she has performed all over the world. She currently lives and works in Oslo.

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