Two girls reaading a book in front of the fire place - Photo:Photo: CH/Innovation Norway
Photo: CH/Innovation Norway

10 ways to bring Norway to your home

The pandemic turned our lives into something else than we were used to. Nowadays, our homes are also our workplaces, offices, gyms or classrooms. So why not make them sites filled with Norwegian spirit and culture? Here are ten suggestions on how you can do it at no cost! 

1. Read books by Norwegian authors  

They say that "a room without books is like a body without a soul". So, 

stop by your local library and fill your home with books by Norwegian writers. Numerous authors have been translated to Croatian, which gives you plenty of choices!

For crime lovers, the Norwegian superstars of the genre, Jo Nesbø or Thomas Enger are obvious choices. If you prefer a female touch to literature, opt for Maja Lunde or Vigdis HjorthMorten Strøksnes can take you to the sea and immerse you in a story of friendship.

Don’t skip Karl Ove Knausgård! He may have issues with keeping things short but is for a reason considered one of the most fertile Norwegian authors.

Lars F. Svendsen is a contemporary philosopher who explains in simple words complex issues like boredom, loneliness, or evil. So far six of his books have been translated to Croatian so plenty of choice for everyone!


2. Learn something new about Norway

If you haven't so far, we highly recommend that you read through our digital brochure about Norway. You may find several funny and interesting things inside! 


3. Make waffles

Nothing screams Norway more than waffles! (Except for Munch but that is a separate suggestion).

Here is our favorite recipe for Norwegian waffles:

  • 6 eggs
  • 3 cups of sugar
  • 200 grams melted butter
  • 1,2 liter of fresh milk
  • 8 dl flour
  • 4 teaspoons cardamom
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla sugar
  • 3 teaspoons baking powder

Serve with salted butter spread and one slice of caramel cheese, or just put on whatever you prefer! 


4. Listen to Norwegian music 

Regardless of your age or taste in music, Norway's music offers a variety of options for you!

Start with the classics and energize by listening to Arktisk Filharmoni quarantine-style performance of Grieg! Check also Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra live streams or browse their digital archive for past performances. Oslo Philharmonic also regularly performs for a digital audience, so don't leave them out!

Another way to listen to Norwegian music is to tune into one of the streaming services and lookup popular artists like A-ha!, Kygo, Röyksopp, Sigrid, Astrid S, Aurora, Marcus&Martinus… Those of you who favor the more robust sound should not skip the world-famous Norwegian dark metal! Happy listening!

5. Visit Norwegian museums

Have you ever wanted to enjoy the works of Munch by walking through the Munch museum? Were you curious to learn more about Norway and visit the Norwegian national museum? Don't despair as now you can visit them both from your home! 

Just tune in weekly for Munch museum live tours or browse their video gallery! On webpages of the National Museum you can explore 44000 works and create your collections of favorite items to share with others!? How cool is that? 


6. Make your home koselig!

The concept of kose is difficult to explain but is deeply rooted in the Norwegian way of life. The closest interpretation would imply enjoying a nice, cozy atmosphere. Norwegian way of coziness includes fireplaces or candle lights, blankets, tea or coffee, a good book, and the overall feeling of calmness. So, light some candles and find a place in your home to relax - at least for a bit! 


7. Watch Ibsen’s Peer Gynt from your living room

Two years ago, famous Norwegian theatre director Erik Ulfsby came to Zagreb. His task was to direct an Ibsen's play "Peer Gynt" with Croatian actors and to put the play on stage in Zagreb. The project was part of the collaboration between the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb and Det Norske Theatre from Oslo.

Thanks to the initiative by Croatian National Theatre, now you can watch the play for free - from your living room! Follow the link and find out why Alma Prica earned the best actress award!


8. Learn about Norwegian Design 

There is more to Norwegian design than wood, steel, and glass - it also reflects the Norwegian spirit by portraying Norwegian society and culture. DOGA webpages explain how this is put in practice!

Visit also the digital exhibition "Norwegian presence". It is usually held in Milan but now you can check it out digitally for free!


9. Re-live our sport encounters 

Like in Croatia, sports are big in Norway, and handball seems to enjoy equal popularity in both countries. So, fill your home with sport spirit and re-live the latest sport encounters between Norway and Croatia! 

We do not have to go far back into history. Just jump back to January this year when our handball teams met in the semifinals of the World Men's Handball Championship. Enjoy!


10. Learn Norwegian online

It has never been easier to learn Norwegian! There are numerous free options on the internet. If you spend time on mobile, download one of the mobile apps like Duolingo, and start learning! For those interested in a more traditional approach learn by following free online lessons by NTNU


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