This is Norway. Nice to meet you!

Have you ever heard about koselig or Dugnad? Did you know that world famous quiz app "Kahoot" originates from Norway? Find answers to such and many other questions in our new brochure in Croatian language.

To find more about Norwegians and Norway you no longer have to browse boundless webpages or read tons of books. We prepared a shortcut for you - a brochure that you can read whenever and wherever, as long as you have internet access. We made the brochure as interactive as possible so it includes links to external websites or videos on a certain topic. Find them and expand your knowledge.

The information included is on a wide range of subjects such as Norway's economy, history, culture and society. Learn also about the long lasting relationship between Croatia and Norway and about our Grants to Croatia. However, there is no thing that represents a country better than its gastronomy. Because of that we included recipes for some of the most traditional Norwegian meals. Do not wait, browse through it and find something for yourself. Good reading!