EEA and Norway Grants overview - Photo:- Photo: Maja Dodić
A total of 103.4 million EUR is available for funding under the EEA and Norway Grants in Croatia - Photo: Maja Dodić

Business Development and Innovation programme: Results of the first call now available

After the first Call for Proposals, the Innovation Norway approved funding to 18 Croatian companies for their projects focusing on Blue Growth and Green Industry Innovation. The total granted amount to projects is 6,6 million EUR.

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Under the first Call for Proposals 55 applications were submitted; 35 for the focus area Green Industry Innovation and 19 for the Blue Growth. Among them, 18 projects for funding were selected. 

In addition, a Pre-defined project for capacity building with the Croatian Chamber of Economy (CCE) is also supported. The list of all projects and their partners find below. 

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The list of approved projects