Iz grada na zlu glasu po svojoj gastronomiji do našeg ureda

Upoznajte našeg novog pripravnika Håvarda Johansena. Pridružio nam se ove veljače i ukratko će vam se predstaviti! Još ne govori tečno hrvatski pa ćete mu oprostiti što piše na engleskom.


I am Håvard, a 24-year-old from the city famous for putting sausage in sweet waffles and being smelly, Moss, which is 50 kilometres south of Oslo. Now, I am excited to spend the next six months in Zagreb as an intern at the embassy.  

My interests include all sorts of sports (mostly watching), music (just listening, you would want me in a band), history. I also enjoy trying new food, and while I like to cook as well, I am better at eating than cooking.  


At Wimbledon Centre Court. While I like tennis, I am VERY far away from becoming the new Goran Ivanisevic... I can hardly hit the ball... 

I also love to participate in quizzes and games, but I am not always the best person to be around if I lose. A perhaps unhumble fun fact is that I became Norwegian U25-champion in quiz for teams of 4 people in 2023. It should be noted though, that only three teams participated...  


Before coming to Zagreb, I worked full time for a while as a journalist in a local newspaper, and in June 2023 I finished a bachelor's degree in international relations with focus on political science from the University of Oslo. I have also studied pedagogics. When I return to Norway in August, I hope to pursue a master's degree in political science. 

While at the embassy, I am eager to learn more about Croatia, the relations between our countries and working life within diplomacy. 

I am already loving life in Zagreb and Croatia, and from my small apartment in Radiceva I hope to explore and learn a lot more about Croatia in the coming months.  


First day at the Embassy. A perfect start for someone who likes cakes and sweets a bit too much.  


Sausage, jam, ketchup and mustard in a sweet waffle. Would you try?