Call for proposals: Grants to the Western Balkans

Norway is almost doubling its development assistance to the Western Balkans, with an increase from NOK 175 million in 2017 to NOK 319 million in 2018. The call for project proposals is now open.


The call inlcudes Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.

The purpose of Norway’s assistance is the development of the rule of law and stability in the region. This support has four priorities:

  • Closer regional cooperation, also including countries that are EU members (i.e. Croatia);
  • Reconciliation and implementation of transitional justice;
  • Socio-economic development through enhanced economic growth and competitiveness, increased capacity in the field of environment/climate/energy, and increased social and economic inclusion of marginalised groups;
  • Good governance through support for development of the rule of law, defence sector reform, civil society and the media, minorities, and the fight against organised crime and corruption.


The target group for this call for proposals is the population of the Western Balkans. Ethnic/national and other minorities, women, children and young people will be given special priority.


Priorities will vary from country to country, depending on their needs and the priorities of other donor countries and the EU. See country-specific priorities in the call text.


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