Norwegian lector at the University of Zagreb: planting the seed of Norwegian studies in Croatia

A Norwegian lector from University of Agder will spend a year working at the university of Zagreb. The lector will teach courses on Norwegian language, literature, and culture, and participate in research activities and academic events. This will connect the two universities, facilitating cooperation and joint projects, including establishment of Norwegian study programme

About the project 

There is a growing interest in Norwegian culture and language in Croatia, demonstrated by the increasing popularity of Norwegian literature and music. The lack of experts in this field hinders the Croatian-Norwegian cultural exchange and cooperation. The bilateral project “Norwegian studies in Zagreb” aims to address this gap by providing language teaching and translation services in Norwegian language. The project focuses on education, research, and innovation in humanities and social studies and in this way, plants the seed of Norwegian studies in Croatia.  

The goal is to create a sustainable system of knowledge transfer increasing the level of Croatian-Norwegian cultural cooperation. The project also aims to promote Norwegian culture and language in Croatia, encourage the study of Norwegian, and create a network of experts and enthusiasts of Norwegian culture and language. 

A desirable long-term outcome of the project's would be establishment of a Norwegian study program at a Croatian university and creation of a sustainable system for promoting Norwegian language and culture throughout the country. 

A step in that direction is the incorporation of Norwegian studies into the curriculum of the University of Zagreb, providing students with the opportunity to learn about the culture and society of Norway through various disciplines. Furthermore, the project promotes cultural exchange between Norway and Croatia through various activities such as language courses, cultural events, and student exchanges. This will facilitate a deeper understanding and appreciation of each other's cultures, fostering mutual respect and cooperation. 

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