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Christophe Vander Eecken

Norway Grants: Strengthening the Rule of Law in Croatia

Norway is a partner for Croatia in strengthening the rule of law and enhancing citizens’ confidence in the judicial system. In total, the people of Norway contributes EUR 13 million to four different projects under the Justice and Home Affairs programme for Croatia.

Highlights of expected results

  • More effective and efficient courts, through better infrastructure and increased use of electronic/web-based services between courts and the public
  • Mediation reinforced as an alternative to lengthy and expensive court proceedings
  • New system for evaluation of judges’ performance
  • Improved correctional services and public safety by introducing electronic monitoring of released prisoners

Projects in details

Programme details

Programme Operator: Croatian Ministry of Justice
Norwegian Programme Partner: Norwegian Courts Administration
Norway Grants: EUR 13 000 000
Croatian contribution: EUR 2 294 118
Programme duration: until May 2024

The Justice and Home Affairs programme represents one of six programmes included in the EEA and Norway Grants for Croatia, worth in total EUR 103,4 million.