Bilateral projects  - Photo:The Norwegian Embassy in Croatia
The Norwegian Embassy in Croatia

Twelve new bilateral projects for a greener Croatia!

The Joint Committee for Bilateral Fund of the EEA and Norway Grants awarded 1,1 million EUR to 12 projects fostering green transition. In the next 12 months Croatia and Norway will work together in exploring options for greening of the aquaculture, transport, and energy supply.

The Minister of Regional development and EU funds Šime Erlić and Norwegian Ambassador to Croatia Haakon Blankenborg awarded the contracts at the ceremony held in Zagreb in March. To secure funding, applications had to, among rest, to address the topic of green transition by working in partnership with an entity from Norway. After a selection procedure, this resulted in 12 projects involving 18 institutions from Croatia and 13 from Norway.  

The research organizations, universities, local governments, and civil society from both countries will work together on initiatives ranging from sustainable aquaculture, biodiversity, offshore energy, green transportation to green construction and social resilience. 

Projects last up to one year and the individual project value ranges between 40 000 and 100 000 EUR.  

The list of successful projects: