plenkovic and solberg - Photo:Photos: Norwegian Embassy Zagreb
Photos: Norwegian Embassy Zagreb

Working together for a green, competitive and inclusive Europe

Since Croatia joined the European Union, The EEA Norway Grants have become an essential component of Norwegian-Croatian cooperation. Among a range of activities, the Justice Programme represent a prime example of consistent collaboration towards a common goal.

Norway is a partner for Croatia in strengthening the rule of law and enhancing citizens’ confidence in the judicial system. In the last years, crucial work has been done in this field. One example is the renovation of the court building in Karlovac during the 2009 – 2014 funding period. This project included introducing time-management and other relevant tools, including the development of a more efficient system of electronic case handling. The project had a direct impact on 240.000 people and has helped to increase the trust in the justice sector.

Croatia and Norway will continue to work together in the judicial field. We aim to support more effective and efficient courts, through better infrastructure and increased use of electronic/web-based services between courts and the public.

Photo: Norwegian Embassy Zagreb