library - Photo:Knjižnica Dominikanskog samostana sv. Dominika - Dubrovnik
Knjižnica Dominikanskog samostana sv. Dominika - Dubrovnik

Revitalising cultural heritage

Assuring the future protection of valuable cultural heritage and ensuring its accessibility for the general public, is another feature to the Croatian-Norwegian cooperation.

Library - Dominican Convent in Dubrovnik

Humidity from the walls and through cracks in the facade deteriorates the paper and destroys materials through biochemical processes. The problem of humidity can be solved by installing equipment for preventing the trapping of humidity in the walls and air-conditioning the interior space. In Dubrovnik, the donation was spent on a new system for air conditioning and for reparation of the arches of the outer wall of the library.


Library in Skradin

The work included both undertaking actions to safeguard the library material, the archival material and the documents in the collection, as well as the reorganization of the library room for future conservation of the same material.

Photo: Norwegian Embassy Zagreb