regional housing programme - Photo:Photo: Christian Grotnes Halvorsen/Norwegain Embassy Zagreb
Photo: Christian Grotnes Halvorsen/Norwegain Embassy Zagreb

Regional Housing Programme

“An estimated 550 000 people were displaced within Croatia during 1991-1992. Over the 1992-1995 period, the country received some 400 000 refugees from Bosnia and Herzegovina, of which an estimated 120 000 have since acquired Croatian citizenship. In the period from 1991 to 1995, some 250 000 minority Serbs fled Croatia. The authorities have so far registered 133 140 returnees of Serbian ethnicity to and within Croatia, representing around half of those who fled their places of origin.”

“In Croatia, the Regional Housing Programme (RHP) is expected to provide durable housing solutions to several categories of refugees, internally displaced persons (IDPs) and returnees either in their places of origin or places of displacement, as well as within institutions of the social welfare system. Altogether, 411 housing solutions will be delivered under the sub-projects approved so far, to the benefit of over 1081 most vulnerable persons.” (

“The Regional Housing Programme is a joint initiative by Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia. The aim of the RHP is to contribute to the resolution of the protracted displacement situation of the most vulnerable refugees and displaced persons following the 1991-1995 conflicts on the territory of former Yugoslavia, including internally displaced persons in Montenegro from 1999.” (

The Norwegian government strongly supports the Regional Housing Programme, which is being implemented in the whole region.